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“When GetTaxi was ready to launch in the US, we evaluated many PR firms and chose Cutler PR to lead the launch of Gett. They worked with us on strategic messaging and planning for several months leading up to the launch and did a great job pitching the press and securing widespread coverage for the launch and for months afterwards. Cutler PR got us placements with the right strategic messaging in Wall Street Journal, Fox, Bloomberg, TechCrunch and many other leading outlets. They also got us on the radar of key industry influencers.”

Shahar Waiser

Founder & CEO, GetTaxi

“Cutler PR has been effective at supporting our growth in Europe and the U.S. From contributing valuable messaging and story ideas to securing great coverage in many top outlets in the U.S. and UK, Cutler PR has helped Trivia Crack through our explosive growth spurt.”

Paul Del Pin

Marketing & Sales Director, Trivia Crack

“In my six years since co-founding DudaMobile, nobody was able to deliver as impressive and impactful press results for us as Cutler PR. From AP and USA Today to Business Insider, Sky News, Slate and NBC News, Cutler PR secured dozens of press hits for us in just the first month of our campaign alone. I highly recommend this results-driven, capable firm.”

Itai Sadan

Co-Founder & CEO, Duda

“StartApp's decision to work with Cutler PR has paid off big time. For over two years, our skilled and professional team at Cutler PR has helped us generate extraordinarily valuable media coverage, speaking opportunities and award wins. They have effectively messaged our differentiation in the crowded ad tech market and have had an uncanny ability to secure positive, high profile coverage for us. I highly recommend Cutler PR to those in the ad tech space, and the general tech industry.”

Gil Dudkiewicz

Founder & CEO, Startapp

“Cutler is by far the most effective PR firm I have ever worked with. With a thorough understanding and passion for tech, an ambitious creative approach, and a results-oriented mindset, Cutler knocked it out of the park for Voxy in just a few months, by getting us major coverage in the top outlets that even the big PR agencies couldn’t swing.”

Paul Gollash

Founder & CEO, Voxy