The Cutler PR team collaboratively developed a business philosophy and set of values that we believe every company should embrace.

Our Philosophy:

Be a customer company. Be a community company. Be a change company. 

1) Customer: Today’s empowered, knowledge-filled customer expects the very best. They have options and they can move their business elsewhere. It is up to today’s companies to focus on, cater to and make central the customer. This means being available at even inconvenient times, being amenable to special requests and offering consistently excellent customer service.

2) Community: Companies must involve themselves with their communities. Whether locally, nationally or even globally, giving back to a section of the population that is somehow connected to your business or your mission, is essential. Not only is using company resources to give the right thing to do, it is the economically smart thing to do. In today’s world, being a community-obsessed company will garner you respect and likely drive more business. Those who don’t give back will get left behind.

3) Change: Our society is on a supersonic journey. The information revolution is changing every aspect of life, and the rate of change is accelerating exponentially. Companies must constantly embrace change, flexibility and adaptability. Trying new things every month, every week or even every day to see how the company can be improved is essential. It will be the only way for your company to stay around for the long haul.

Our Values:

1. Deliver Excellent and Consistent Results for Our Clients

2. Offer Outstanding Customer Service

3. Recognize Individual and Team Achievements

4. Create a Trusting Company Atmosphere Where Every Employee’s Voice is Heard

5. Take Initiative to Grow the Company

6. Be Organized and Balance Perfection with Speed of Execution